1. “In total, Superpedestrian, the company that produces the bike-wheel attachments, raised $4 million thanks to a combination of funding from lead investor Spark Capital, General Catalyst, Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, and an undisclosed amount from Leto himself.”

    In total, Superpedestrian, the company that produces the bike-wheel attachments, raised $4 million thanks to a combination of funding from lead investor Spark Capital, General Catalyst, Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, and an undisclosed amount from Leto himself.”

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  2. What is the Copenhagen Wheel’s control system all about? We continue to provide insights into the work done by our engineers and roboticists while working toward mass production of the Copenhagen Wheel.

    JD - propulsion, motor control, batteries, the power system

    As a part of my role at Superpedestrian, I ensure we have a battery that is well powered to drive the wheel with the right amount of assist desired. The battery needs to store ample energy to get the rider where they want to go, and repeat this a thousand times before wearing and needing replacement. We must use the energy we have available from the battery as efficiently as possible to drive torque to the Wheel as smoothly and precisely as possible.

    The Wheel is controlled in a way that produces a magically satisfying ride. To achieve that we had to test candidate battery cells under cold, normal and hot conditions. We developed battery management electronics to ensure all cells will be treated properly and stay in balance. All the while, being kept away from voltage levels that could damage their health during discharge, charge, and regenerative braking. A precise field oriented controller keeps the applied motor currents properly positioned so that torque is efficiently produced as the motor position changes.

    Julian - electrical engineer, research, testing, electrical and mechanical development

    My current task is ensuring the embedded hardware supports the different features of the wheel. For example; field oriented control, temperature monitoring and GPS compatibility. I’ve been continuously reviewing schematics and debugging. 

    When I started here in February 2013, I was tasked with sourcing motors that could provide the performance we require. To test these motors, I developed a free-wheel dynamometer that evaluates their performance under different loads, current, voltage, and temperature conditions. I have explored different ways to control the prototype bikes with schemes I created and tested riding around Cambridge. The prototypes looked funny sometimes! :)

    Watch this space for future updates…

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  3. There are countless projects happening here at our engineering studio. This is the beginning of a series where we will introduce various members of the team along with the components that make up the Copenhagen Wheel. We will explore their challenges, successes and goals…

    One of the most exciting developments is the Control System and it is one of our main focus points at Superpedestrian.

    What is it?

    Behind the seamless propulsion and the smooth ride there is a smart control system. A team of specialists from varied backgrounds is working at our Cambridge studio to make the Copenhagen Wheel’s riding experience your new standard.

    Jon - vehicle dynamics, physics and control of the bike

    My goal is to remove obstacles such as wind, hills and fatigue between you and the simple joy of cycling. I want to make you forget that you are riding a Copenhagen Wheel and at the same time wonder why your ride is so easy. I want the technology to disappear.

    In more technical terms, my goal is to translate data from sensors into commands. This involves the development of a number of control algorithms in software. Notably, algorithms focused on the motor and how to regulate the power it produces, algorithms related to monitoring the Wheel’s temperature and algorithms that determine how much assist to provide to the rider. All of these algorithms are aimed at improving the rider experience.

    James - embedded hardware engineer, circuit design debugging and fabrication

    My day to day work at Superpedestrian consists of debugging and testing hardware. I have designed and built multiple Copenhagen Wheel prototypes. My specific field is electronic design, I have done schematic capture and layout for multiple Wheel hubs, printed them, soldered the components on and then evaluated them. My work with The Copenhagen Wheel started at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, where I worked on the last prototype prior to Superpedestrian. I was the first join the team in January 2013.

    Right now I’m working with JD on the battery pack. It has been an exciting challenge to design for manufacturing, I’m thrilled to be a part of this team of industry veterans.

    Stay tuned for more Control System elements and Copenhagen Wheel updates.

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  4. Update!

    Hi all,

    Wow. Thanks so much for your positive support in the recent weeks. We have gone through your great feedback over social media and email and wanted to share more information in response to your core questions here on Tumblr.

    First off, while we didn’t use Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform, we regard you, our early adopters, as our backers in bringing the Copenhagen Wheel to reality, and we thank you very much for that. Every order is important to us, and of course, those who were first to support us will get their wheels first.

    Some of you voiced concern about “companies, distributors, and resellers” overshadowing our early adopters. This is not the case. We will fulfill orders from our early adopters before any large volume order.

    When we first opened for pre-sale we received many more orders than expected. If we were to keep our initial plan we wouldn’t have had enough units to meet even a fraction of the demand, and we would have to disappoint a majority of our early adopters.

    We continue to welcome your feedback. As you can see, we have been in more frequent communication and are looking forward to the journey ahead. We will soon share even more information about our progress.

    Thanks so much,
    The Superpedestrian team

  5. A Note from our Founder

    Much has been happening here at Superpedestrian since we launched our pre-order campaign for the Copenhagen Wheel a few months ago. We set out with the intention to give early access to people who wanted to touch the wheel, to experience it – as soon as possible – and to give life to a product we very much believe in. From the beginning, we knew that a lot of people loved it, but we didn’t know how the rest of the world would receive it.

    Within weeks of launching, we saw that the demand was high. Several thousand individuals pre-ordered the wheel and more than 1000 companies, distributors and resellers were reaching out to us, seeking to represent us around the world. While we are thrilled with this response, it required us to do things a bit differently. We needed a strategy that would allow us to meet the scaling demand.

    So, instead of doing our initial “limited run,” we are now building several thousand units with the ability to grow manufacturing further. Our team has doubled. We have an exceptional group of people from the world of robotics and other top technology companies in the area. In addition, we also committed not to use pre-order funds for product development, so we secured several million dollars in a new round of funding from some of the best investors around (a press announcement about this will be sent out soon).

    I wanted to share with you a few key developments as we move forward:

    - Delivery date: We cannot guarantee a precise delivery date just yet, but we estimate that delivery will take place before the end of 2014. As we previously committed, orders will be shipped out in the order they were received.

    - Progress updates: We should have been in touch with you more often, and that’s going to change. As we press ahead, we will make sure to keep information coming your way with routine behind-the-scenes updates through our blog, email, and social media.

    - An invitation to get involved: We have appointed a dedicated person to create an open two-way exchange between our team and our community. Feel free to e-mail community@superpedestrian.com with your thoughts and ideas. We’re excited to co-create with you.

    Our cancellation policy remains unchanged. If you want your money back, we will process a refund immediately and it will be reflected in your account within 3-10 business days.

    Superpedestrian believes that the Copenhagen Wheel will fundamentally change the way we move around, and we thank you for being the first to drive this mission with us. Hundreds of people who visited our warehouse to test ride the wheel can already testify to that.

    Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey.

    Assaf Biderman


    Founder, CEO


  6. We are hiring!

    Would you like to join our team at Superpedestrian to help us revolutionize urban mobility?

    Visit our Job Board here


    We are looking for:

    Mechanical Engineers

    Graphic Designer

    Writer /Communication Specialist

    Web Developer

    Embedded Software engineers


    All jobs are full time, in our warehouse in Cambridge.

    Submit your application today!

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  8. Multiple Speed Gears Supported!

    Yes, you can install the Copenhagen Wheel on a multi-speed bike! We have tested it here at Superpedestrian and it works great.

    Currently, a rear dropout of 135mm is required for the Copenhagen Wheel to be installed.

    Unsure if the Wheel will work on your bike, email your bike’s specs to our mechanic at info@superpedestrian.com . We’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.


    Pre-order your Copenhagen Wheel at http://superpedestrian.com.

  9. So easy to install!

    The smart and elegant Copenhagen Wheel is a self-contained unit that snaps easily onto the back of any ordinary bicycle and turns it into an electric hybrid. 


    1. After removing your regular rear wheel.

    2. Align the axle of your Copenhagen Wheel to the drop outs of your frame and slide the wheel on. 

    3. Place your chain onto the rear gear/s and then onto the front chain ring.

    4. Place the axle nuts onto the axle.

    5. Tension the chain, align the wheel, and tighten the nuts.

    6. Check the tension of your chain and wheel alignment.

    7. Download the Copenhagen Wheel App.


    And you’re ready to go!

  10. The Copenhagen Wheel is Made in Cambridge, MA!

    The first batch of limited edition Copenhagen Wheels will be produced locally, in the Superpedestrian warehouse in Cambridge, MA.  Developing and producing our product in Cambridge means we were able to rapidly prototype and have a close eye on production and quality.

    Made in the U.S.A.